Project Description

Cisco Systems UK

Cisco Systems UK

JTW Contractors have successfully delivered a wide range of projects on behalf of CBRE on multiple Cisco Systems UK facilities around London and the Southeast including their Main HQ in Bedfont Lakes.

Recently completed projects include:

  • Complete HVAC survey on 2 buildings including testing and readings for air temperature, air flow & electrical resistance taken on existing systems comprising of perimeter radiant panels and VAV’s. Full validation reports with updated drawings compiled and issued with Executive Summary on findings.
  • Replacement of internal office FCU’s
  • Replacement of Cold-Water Storage Tanks in 2 buildings reducing storage capacity to minimise Legionnaires Risk. Renewed bunding and new leak detection systems were also installed as part of the project
  • Numerous site minor works fit outs including Vending area upgrades, acoustic wall panelling, Data Suite Lab flooring replacements, valve & AAV replacements & general decorations

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