Wallpapering and Decorating

At JTW, we have the wallpapering specialists (as well as the woodwork and plastering experts) to compliment our interior painting services, whatever the size of your residential or commercial project, you can certainly take advantage of having a single point of contact for all your interior needs. JTW will advise or undertake the necessary wall or ceiling preparation work. We can strip old paper, re-plaster or render the walls or ceiling, treat where necessary and provide the expert installation of all types of paper, including Lining, Vinyl, Grasscloth, Fabric, Foil, Embossed, Flock and Hand-printed. Wallpapering is a tricky job, made easier through years of practice. Our expertise ensures attention to detail and an absolute minimum of waste. Call us today for a free no-obligation quotation.

Examples of our interior work: