Soda Blasting / Pressure Washing

Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting is a revolutionary, non-toxic process for cleaning exteriors. Since no harmful chemicals are used, it’s much friendlier for the environment. That’s good news for everyone, but particularly for those with buildings located in concentrated areas, or buildings that front on to public footways. The equipment is highly precise and cleans accumulated dirt, or any kind of coating such as paint, mould or graffiti from any surface, however firm or fragile. Soda Blasting is even sensitive enough to remove scratches on glass. Soda Blasting is a fast and cost-effective solution for removing and cleaning all manner of surfaces. Most decorating jobs are 60% dependent on preparation, and Soda Blasting accounts for a sizable saving in time, effort, and price. The process involves blasting sodium bicarbonate against the surface to be cleaned, using compressed air to accelerate the crystals to speeds of almost 600 miles an hour. Unlike an abrasive agent, sodium bicarbonate particles remove contaminants by means of energy release. When the particles 'explode' (crush) on contact with the surface, the non-abrasive action allows them to lift away contaminates, sparing the surface from the damage that traditional abrasive media would have caused. With the use of Soda, surfaces like, aluminium, stainless steel, brick, stone, glass, fibreglass, wood, plastics, bearings, seals, hydraulic cylinders, and many more can all be cleaned and stripped in absolute safety. Soda blasting also breaks down hydrocarbons through a process called saponification. This makes it highly suitable for cleaning equipment covered in fatty foods, or for engine parts. When you’re finished, you simply rinse off and the water-soluble soda disappears. The non-flammable properties of sodium bicarbonate allow it to be used for cleaning in the petroleum industry, and a range of locations where other methods simply cannot be used. Its non-toxic properties mean that it can also be used in food-processing and similar areas.

How Soda Blasting works

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the first important step in preparing your exterior walls for painting. In order to ensure that the eventual finish will last the test of time, all coatings must have a clean surface to adhere to.
The use of pressurised water and mild cleaning agents will remove dust, chalk, pollution, mildew, and even loose paint. This cleaning process is vital. If primer or paint are applied over dirt, it’s a virtual guarantee that the paint job will deteriorate prematurely and ultimately fail. At JTW, therefore, we use professional KARCHER equipment to help us make sure that the job is done right.